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1) … you a student?
2) Jane … tired.
3) “… is she?” “She is my friend from London.”
4) The baby boy saw … in the mirror and started to cry.
5) A lot of trains … late today due to the snow fall.
6) … was a strong wind last night.
7) Firstly, I wanted to congratulate you all. Secondly, I would like to wish you good luck and … I hope you have enjoyed the course.
8) You … clean your teeth twice a day to avoid having problems.
9) The children thought they were … when they saw the bull.
10) I really don’t like this meal. … money in the world would not get me to eat this.
11) Last year, Joanna bought two … coats in New York.
12) I must report to the meeting that Jack completed his first piece of work well ahead of schedule … however, his work has been handed in late.
13) I … intending to stop smoking even before I got this bad cough.
14) Choose a synonym below for “consider”.
15) Choose a synonym below for “talk”.
16) Choose a synonym below for “complete”.
17) She hit her … while she was playing football.
18) I can’t see him anywhere. Where … ?
19) While I … my homework I heard a strange noise.
20) Can you … how to get to the airport please?
21) English … in South Africa and New Zealand.
22) I … to eating American food.
23) The streets were wet when I left the house in the morning so I knew that it … during the night.
24) My mother said that I … her bracelet, but I borrowed my sister’s instead.
25) The police asked me … anything suspicious overnight.

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